Hello there! My name is Arielle Nanami Longo, and I’m the creator of this magazine. It feels weird to call myself the “creator” of the magazine, when in reality I simply put together everyone else’s incredible artwork and format it as a magazine. However, since you’re here, here’s a little bit about me.

Let’s start with the basics. I’m 15 years old, my pronouns are she/her, and my favourite colour is mustard yellow (hence the mustard yellow watercolour self-portrait).

But now allow me to truly introduce myself: I am the girl who loves to paint, draw, and write. I am the girl who gets validation from her high grades (pro tip: don’t be like that). I am the girl who finishes reading novels in the span of two days.  I am the girl who spends hours day dreaming. I am the girl who spends too much time on Pinterest. I am the girl with the messed-up sleep schedule (I’m typing this up at 2 am). I am the girl who desperately wants to become a fashion influencer on tiktok, but knows it won’t happen because I can’t get on the for you page and I dress in oversized sweaters and ill-fitting jeans 90% of the time anyways. I am a musician, artist, photographer and writer, who now is the editor-in-chief of Ambré magazine!

When you flip through the pages of our magazine (our, as in me and everyone who submit their work), I hope you feel. Feel inspired. Feel moved. Feel happy. Feel sad. Feel nostalgic. Because what is life without feeling?

Anyways, I hope that you enjoy the magazine as much as I do, and it’s quite amazing how our paths have crossed, even if it’s just digitally <3

(french version coming soon…)